ECW Unreleased Vol. 2

Following on from volume 1, the archives have been plundered for more matches from the original run of ECW.  Introduced by Joey Styles and a very welcome back to the WWE fold, Tommy Dreamer we have three discs of great matches linked together with their banter.

As we all know with these ‘archive’ releases its really nice to see familar faces at the beginning or the peak of ther careers.  For one Chris Jericho, pre WCW is here as well as a very young looking Rob Van Dam.  All kinds of matches are included, Tag, Three Way Dances and ‘I Quit’ amongst others (even more on the blu-ray release).  The picture quality at times is a little washed out due to the somewhat low budget production values but WWE have done a nice job cleaning them up.  I liked the fact that virtually all the matches are in small venues which gives you an intimate feel after getting used to 10,000 plus screaming fans in the modern era.

Volume 2 is essential for older fans, younger fans may not ‘get’ the ECW days but show them some of the matches featuring some legends as Sabu, Jerry Lynn and the late Chris Candido and they’re immediately become fans.  Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant and its a shame we don’t see Styles and Dreamer on TV more, they’re naturals.  Oh yes and Justin Credible is possibly one of wrestling’s all time greatest ring names!!

  • Starring The Dudleys, Bam Bam Bigelow, Terry Funk, Cactus Jack
  • Distributor WWE Home Video / Fremantle