Will played by Nicolas Cage is a professional thief who during one daring heist from a bank is left high and dry by his partners, he is arrested and sent to jail for a number of years.  Upon his release he attempts to connect with his estranged daughter with little success until she is kidnapped.

Will must outwit the kidnapper and get the proceeds of the bank robbery back or his daughter will be killed.  Stolen is an old fashioned cat and mouse thriller with Nicolas Cage in his best film in quite a while.  He is supported well by Josh Lucas, Malin Ackerman and Wolverine’s Danny Huston as the FBI agent determined to find the money.  Cage’s daughter played by Sami Gayle will be familar to viewers of Tom Selleck’s fantastic TV show Blue Bloods as in that she portrays Selleck’s Grand Daughter.

Well made and directed by Simon West, Stolen is 90 minutes or so of great entertainment and like I said Cage’s best film in ages. Obviously not as good as say, The Rock or Con Air but a damn sight better than Season of the Witch and The Wicker Man.

  • Starring Nicolas Cage  Sami Gayle  Josh Lucas
  • Director Simon West 
  • Distributor Lionsgate