The Beatles – All You Need is Love

Back in the mid 1970’s documentarian Tony Palmer set himself a huge task, to document the history of popular music in a series of films covering all kinds of musical genre.  Encouraged by John Lennon amongst others, the series ‘All You Need is Love’ is considered a masterpiece of documentary film making by his peers and critics alike.

This release is the one which features mainly The Beatles and their early beginnings up to around the death of their manager Brian Epstein.  In fact Epstein’s Mother is interviewed in the film which marks her one and only on screen interview I believe.

Also thrown in are the usual suspects of the band’s beginnings such as their first manager Allan Williams and the American DJ who championed them first Murray the K.  McCartney appears to have had some fresh interviews but the other band members’ seem to be heard through archive footage and strangely Ringo Starr is nowhere to be seen.

It’s not too bad and there is some fantastic footage of hippies ‘doing their thing’ with more chat from members of the Byrds and Beach Boys but as its just one part of a huge series it’s a little light on any real facts.  Beatles fans will know all the stories anyway but overall its a reasonable time filler.  However, I myself would like to see the whole series which I believe our friends across the pond have on DVD.

  • Distributor Boulevard Entertainment