Dark Skies


The Barretts are your normal couple, complete with two young boys.  Husband, Daniel is looking for a new job as he has recently just lost his and wife played by Keri Russell is a part time Real Estate Broker.

Strange films start to happen at their house.  Kitchen equipment is arranged in odd ways like some sort of sculpture and their youngest son starts talking about the ‘Sandman’ coming to visit him at night.  Suddenly as shown in the trailer flocks of birds start flying into the house and everyone seems to be ‘losing time’.

Dark Skies is a skilful entry into the horror thiller sci-fi genre with excellent performances all round and what is really nice, mimimal special effects.  All the scares are built up and are more frightening with what you don’t see then what you do see.  The appearance of the Sandman at one point actually made me feel quite cold and that doesn’t happen much these days as I’ve become quite immune to most scary stuff.

A very good film which I can recommend to almost anyone.  It’s not gory so anyone who doesn’t like blood is fine, it does play with your head a bit but that’s good, isn’t it?

  • Starring Keri Russell  Josh Hamilton  JK Simmons
  • Director Scott Stewart
  • Distributor Entertainment One