The ABC’s of Death

Whilst anthology films are not a new concept, it has been a while since we have seen a good one.  The old Amicus films and the first two Creepshows spring to mind, (don’t even get me started on the appalling Creepshow 3) so the concept of this film intrigued me.

Get together 26 film directors and give them a letter of the alphabet, a small budget and tell them to make a short film based around the concept of death.  The film certainly has attracted some considerable talent including Ben Wheatley, Ti West, Xavier Gens and Jorge Michel Grau.  Now not all of the films are classics in fact some are a bit naff, but there are some great standouts including one of the first, Cycle which I thought was great.

Some of the titles include Orgasm, Miscarriage, Libido and Toilet, so you can get the idea that this isn’t a film for viewers who are easily offended.

A clever, brave piece of cinema made by some clever individuals using various modes of film making.  We’re unlikely to see anything like it again unless they produce a companion piece, The ABC’s of Life, perhaps?  Its not a film I would watch again, although I will probably flick to individual stories on a second viewing.  It is however unique and brave and must be commended even I was a little shocked at times and that doesn’t happen very much.

  • Distibutor Monster Pictures