Extreme Rules 2013

This year marked the fifth anniversary of this PPV which itself was born from the old One Night Stand ECW PPV’s.  Obviously not as violent or adult as those were (we are in the PG era) this year’s Extreme Rules was very entertaining and featured some great matches.

Brock Lesnar and Triple H battle again, this time in a steel cage following on from their encounter at Wrestlemania where Lesnar was at one point was generally knocked out.  A good example of a wrestler ‘selling’ an injury which  Triple H certainly played on.  John Cena took on Goldberg, sorry Ryback in a Last Man Standing match.  Now I do really love Cena as I think he’s a great worker and all round good bloke but I think WWE have dropped the ball on Ryback who should be a monster heel but somehow the crowd haven’t really taken to him.  Maybe its time for Skip Sheffield to return?

Other matches included Chris Jericho attempting to get his revenge on Fandango and a strap match featuring two of my favourites, Sheamus and Mark Henry.  It was also a very good night for The Shield.

All in all, Extreme Rules was a pretty good PPV and I didn’t feel upset paying £14.95 on SKY when it aired on Box Office and you shouldn’t be too.  A nice all round show.

  • Starring Mark Henry  Kane  Daniel Bryan  Dean Ambrose  Roman Reigns
  • Distributor WWE Home Video / Fremantle