A young couple have relocated to the country so the husband, an author can complete his book and also at the same time attempt to get over the death of their son.  The relationship is at one moment fine, the next minute it’s strained.

One evening they are awoken by banging on their front door.  Investigating, they find a woman called Rachel who is visibly distressed.  Her car has broken down and she is being menaced by hooded figures who to add effect have gas masks on.

The wife is immediately suspicious of Rachel especially as she seems to take an interest in their dead son and seems to be a fan of her husband’s books.  Checking out her story all seems okay until the masked men turn up and kidnap Rachel.  What then happens is a game of cat and mouse crossed with a home invasion-type storyline.

Static is well acted (although the Wife is a bit annoying) and well staged in it’s single setting.  The masked men are suitably scary and have a habit of just ‘turning up’ which amps up the scares.  Although if you think for a few moments, you can work out the ending fairly easily.  It does however have a good pay off and worth 80 minutes of your time.

  • Starring Sara Paxton  Milo Ventimiglia  Sarah Shahi
  • Director Todd Levin
  • Distributor Second Sight