Sawney – Flesh of Man

Being ignorant of the Scottish legend of Sawney Bean, I came into this only knowing that there was a cannibal aspect of the story.

There is a black cab driving through the streets picking up innocent members of the public for their twisted sacrifices which in turn becomes food.  Sawney (David Hayman) is our man to look for, the police haven’t a clue and the only individual determined to track him down is a reporter with his own reasons to find him.   Sawney has a family of in-breds holed up deep in the Scottish Highlands as well as an unseen beast kept locked away.  The reporter gets closer to the truth and then finds himself at the mercy of the mad clan.

Sawney is an incredibly well made film and beautifully shot film with a wild demented edge.  David Hayman makes Leatherface look like a kindergarten teacher in a British Texas Chainsaw with a glorious over the top performance.  The blood and guts fill the screen and it is definately a film for people with fairly strong stomachs.  I rather enjoyed it as it’s twisted and quite barmy.

It just shows that the UK can make gross out horrors with the best of them.  It appears that the film has been retitled in some markets as ‘Lord of Darkness’ which is simply a bloody awful title, but whatever name the film goes under its still a lot of fun.

  • Starring David Hayman  Gavin Mitchell  Samuel Feeney
  • Director Ricky Wood
  • Distributor 101 Films