Live in the UK: April 2013

The WWE came back to the UK shortly after Wrestlemania for their ‘Revenge’ tour and we have all  four main shows collected together as a record of that tour.

The two big shows being RAW and Smackdown came from the O2 Arena in London and featured continuation of storylines from previous weeks, but importantly saw the return of The Undertaker to these shores for the first time in years.

All the usual suspects are here, Cena, Orton, Sheamus, etc. but it’s nice to see Mick Foley back (he was doing his comedy tour at the time) and the all too brief ring return of the legendary William Regal who got huge cheers.  Seeing that the Fandango craze had just started the London crowd sang along to his theme tune whenever they could.  The Shield also turn up in a helicopter which actually was genuine because earlier that evening they fought in Cardiff where I saw them.

Superstars is showcased here with Jimmy Uso taking on Michael (Curtis Axel) McGillicutty and a Divas tag match.  I must say I’ve always liked the Superstars credit sequence.

We also get to see the two programmes SKY don’t show which are Main Event and Saturday Morning Slam.  Main Event featured Mark Henry in a Gauntlet match and Saturday Morning Slam, the kids show which cuts away at any violent moves to either the crowd or the commentary team.  It does however have some lame comedy from Santino and Mick Foley which to be fair is quite funny and a tag match between Orton/Sheamus and the Prime Time Players.

Throw in a classic match from Rebellion in 2001 (complete with mentions of WWF and the old scratch logo – hooray!!) between Jericho and Angle (with hair) and you have a great value for money double disc package.  Lets see the whole Rebellion show released as well now all the legal stuff has been cleared up.

  • Starring Daniel Bryan  Dolph Ziggler  Jack Swagger  Zeb Colter
  • Distributor Fremantle / WWE Home Video