Warm Bodies

After the world is over run by zombies, small pockets of humans survive.  Amongst these humans is Julie who along with her friends venture out into the decayed city in search of medical supplies.  At the same time we are introduced to ‘R’ a zombie who isn’t quite like the rest.  Sure he eats people but this guy has a soul trying to get out.  Passing the day wandering around the airport, he one day leaves the airport with his shuffling friends.

Julie and her friends are looting medical supplies when R and his buddies break the door down intending to have a nice feast. Something happens R doesn’t go after Julie but rescues her and takes her to safety.  What follows is a romance between someone is quite dead and someone who is very much alive.  Throw in R’s zombie buddy who steals the entire film, Julie’s Dad played with relish by John Malkovich who only wants to kill zombies and ‘The Bonies’, zombies who have rotted away except for their  skeletons who move like Usain Bolt and are quite unnerving.

Who would have thought you could have made a romantic zombie film with some generally touching scenes, director Jonathan Levine has pulled it off with some style and with the great cast and production design this is simply a wonderful piece of cinema.

  • Starring Nicholas Hoult  Teresa Palmer  Rob Corddry
  • Director Jonathan Levine
  • Distributor Eone Entertainment