War Games – WCW’s Most Notorious Matches

Introduced by ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes WWE’s latest compilation collects the classic War Games matches from the NWA/WCW.  Now these matches were unique at the time of their creation as although you had cage matches, there were two rings together surrounded by a cage.

As the concept was created in the 80’s where blood was as normal as a bodyslam or a suplex this release isn’t certainly for the kiddies and is quite rightly so rated an ’18’.  However each War Games match is a classic ‘snap shot’ example of where wrestling was at that time.  In the early shows, we have the likes of The Four Horseman, a pre Goldust Dustin Rhodes, The Road Warriors and Dusty himself.

As time goes on the influence of the WWE is quite clear as production values get better thanks to the Turner millions and the rules change, but the entertainment value is always there.  Saying that, it you like the brutality and ‘blading’ of the earlier shows things change dramatically towards the last couple as shows as times were a changing in the sports entertainment world. Also, wrestling historians will notice that some of the cards look like a WWE retirement home when the dollars came out to whisk the likes of Macho Man and Hogan over to their rivals.

As a historical release, it’s great to see big stars before they ‘made it’ Dustin Rhodes I’ve mentioned.  ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin with his his wavy blonde hair is miles away from the ‘Stone Cold’ persona we all love and also this may be a bit controversial Chris Benoit is back in a WWE release.  It couldn’t be avoided but no matter what he did, you can’t take away from the fact he was and still is a fantastic wrestler and in ring performer.

One of my favourite wrestling discs for quite some time.  Top notch stuff.

  • Starring Sting  Scott Hall  Kevin Nash  Ravishing Rick Rude  Nikita Koloff
  • Distributor WWE Home Video / Fremantle