12 Rounds 2: Reloaded

Nick Malloy is a paramedic and a good one, so good that on a night out with his wife he helps some people involved in a car accident and boy, does he live to regret it.

A year later Nick and his partner are called to assist a chap in some distress.  It turns out that this poor dude has a bomb inside him put there by an unknown man who rings Nick on a mobile phone.  This man instructs Nick that he must complete a series of tasks or people (including his wife) will start to die.  Throw in an ex-con with a hidden past, Nick has to save the day and more importantly his wife.

Leaving fellow wrestler John Cena behind, the film marks the debut of The Viper himself, Randy Orton.  Knowing not what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Orton conducts himself on screen.  He is convincing in the action sequences, pretty good in the ‘acting’ bits and damn good cursing his way across the screen with a fair few ‘F’ words.  Death Race 2 and 3 director Roel Reine does well replacing the original’s Renny Harlin and handles the action sequences with quite some flair.

Although a carbon copy (plot wise) of part one, 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded is good entertainment for fans of action (and WWE).  I am certainly looking forward to see if they give Orton another film as he has done awfully well here.

  • Starring Randy Orton  Brian Markinson  Cindy Busby
  • Director Roel Reine
  • Distributor 20th Century Fox / WWE Films