Bullet To The Head

Jimmy Bobo is a veteran hit man, when his partner is murdered after a job he is determined to find out who has crossed him.  The man Jimmy killed was an ex-cop, dismissed from the police for corruption.  Enter his ex-partner determined to find out what happened.  Soon the path leads to Jimmy and the two reluctantly team up.
This film marks the return of Walter Hill to film making after a long absence.  Hill is a dab hand at action sequences (The Warriors and Southern Comfort, anyone?) and this is easily Stallone’s most violent film in years.  All the bad guys are set up to be blown away and Stallone has a worthy opponent opposite him in Jason (Conan and Game of Thrones) Momoa as a bonkers mercenary.
The script could have been written on the back of a stamp, but there s such much carnage going on who cares.  A fun, extremely bloody flm with a fair amount of style.  I enjoyed it especially the kick ass sound, my speakers got a real work out.  Even though Sly is getting on a bit, The Expendables and this shows he can still crack heads with the best of them.
  • Starring Sylvester Stallone  Jason Momoa  Sung Kang
  • Director Walter Hill
  • Distributor Entertainment One