The Wicked

Every town has it’s legends and this one has a particularly nasty one.  Deep in the woods is a scary old house, if you damage it ‘The Wicked’ comes after you.  This witch is one sick and twisted lady and as the fim begins she abducts a little girl.  We cut to a group of friends on a ‘dare’ who intend to spend the night in the woods.  Followed by one of the group’s younger brother, ‘The Wicked’ soon wakes up and starts to pick off anyone who gets in her way.
The film is creepy and full of atmosphere with some nasty deaths.  The witch herself is pretty darn unpleasant and she moves around the screen creeping you out.  The cast are likeable and ones that aren’t soon bite the bullet.  Throw in some dopey cops and you have a pretty entertaining picture with a fair amount of blood thrown in as well.  
  • Starring Devon Werkheiser  Diana Hopper  Cassie Keller
  • Director Peter Winther
  • Distributor 101 Films