Dead Mine


Deep in the jungles of Indonesia, a small group are searching for missing treasure buried by the Japanese during the second World War.  When they are ambushed by an unknown enemy they head deep into a mine.  Unable to get back out due to the entrance being blocked they soon stumble upon all sorts of weird stuff which originate from the Japanese experiments.

Dead Mine is one of those films that isn’t particulary original as it certainly is influenced by The Descent and Outpost films but it is incredibly well made and has a superb sound design.  The acting is pretty good and when the killing starts the blood flows quite nicely.

If underground horror movies are your thing, please pick this one up you won’t regret it.  Oh yes, one more thing just you wait until you see the undead army they are great.

  • Starring Sam Hazeldine  Miki Mizuno  Ario Bayu
  • Director Steven Shiel
  • Distributor Entertainment One