The Last Stand


Ray Owens is sheriff in a small town which unfortunately becomes necessary in the plans of a bunch of bad guys led by Peter Stormare (who as Dino Velvet in 8MM still frightens me).  With a drug overlord heading the town’s way and the town cleared out due to a local event Ray has to stop them with his inexperienced Deputies and local gun nut played by Jackass’ Johnny Knoxville.

Back on the screen after the little job of running California for a number of years Arnie fits the role of the grizzled sheriff brilliantly. Sure, he is now almost a pensioner but he still has that unique screen pleasance he’s had for decades.

The film is chocked full of action in particular a great shoot out and car chase in the film’s final act.  Sure it’s no Commando (Arnie’s best in my opinion) but it’s miles better than his later stuff before he ‘retired’ so that we must be grateful.  All in all brainless action from a man who I thought would never be on the screen proper again.  Welcome back Mr Schwarzenegger, I’ve sure missed you.

  • Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger  Jaime Alexander  Luis Guzman
  • Director Jee-woon Kim
  • Distributor Lionsgate