The Wrong House

Two families are invited to view a house in the middle of nowhere.  Not exactly the brightest thing to do but one family sees it as a bargain as the Father foreclosed on it some months previously.  The other family are asked to look at by who they think is the owner.
When both families reach the house and enter, they cannot leave as they are stuck in some kind of ‘limbo’.  Days turn to months and everyone soon starts getting on everyone’s nerves and violence soon rears it’s ugly head.
The Wrong House is quite different from your average low budget horror film that it takes a reasonably original stance and the acting is above par.  It helps that you have a couple of seasoned pros in it (Marc ‘The Beastmaster / V’) Singer and Art (Trancers) Le Fleur showing the younger cast members how to chew scenery.
I really quite enjoyed it and a thumbs up for 101 Films for digging this up amongst the dross out there.
  • Starring Marc Singer  Art LeFleur  Hayley Dumond
  • Director Eric Hurt 
  • Distributor 101 Films