The Facility


Eight volunteers are paid £2000 for a 2 week drugs trial, when arriving at the testing facility they each in turn are given one ‘shot’ of the drug over one hour periods.  Unfortunately for the first ‘subject’ he begins to go a bit loopy and is soon followed by the second test subject.

Discovering the doctor responsible dying and the nurse making a run for it in the car park, the remaining six realise all is not what it seems with this new drug.  The Facility is a decent thriller with some body horror overtones thrown in for good measure.  The script is well written with some good characters in the mix especially John Lynch playing a scruffy unemployed guy and The Descent’s Alex Reid.  Even a guy from Casualty crops up as the first one to turn psycho.

There’s a fair bit of blood and violence in it, but it is all neccessary to move the story and I do believe the director (who also wrote it) Ian Clark is one chap to keep an eye on.  Overall, good stuff and as it’s British, even better.

  • Starring John Lynch  Alex Reid  Oliver Coleman
  • Director Ian Clark
  • Distributor Momentum / Entertainment One