The Lords of Salem


As I write this, I finished watching this film a couple of days ago.  Usually I will write a review within a couple of hours of viewing it, now with this film I have waited.  Why do you ask?   Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem is without doubt the oddest, weirdest most disturbing film I have seen in a long time.

Heidi and two of her colleagues are the night time DJ’s at the local radio station, leaving the station one evening Heidi is handed an album by “The Lords”.  Playing it at home, she is transfixed by the weird riff constantly playing.  Playing it over the air, the next night it has the same effect on some of the town’s women.

Now throw in three strange women in Heidi’s apartment block, an occult expert, brilliantly conceived witchy flashbacks, some fantastic trippy visuals and you have one hell of a horror movie.  This is one film aimed squarely at adults and not playing to the PG13/15 crowd.

As with his Halloween II, it goes completely against the grain for recent horror and Zombie has provided us with something that is really mind bending at times and it has a quite brilliant climax.  One last thing the film is filled out with horror veterans including Ken Foree from Dawn of the Dead who still looks very cool, Barbara Crampton and Michael Berryman.

Totally recommended for people who want to experience something different.

  • Starring Sheri Moon Zombie  Bruce Davison  Jeffrey Daniel Phillips
  • Director Rob Zombie
  • Distributor Entertainment One / Momentum