I really love the idea of time travel, whether it be in books or films.  Back in 2007 a new show debuted on American TV and shortly on Sky One here in the UK.  It told the story of reporter Dan Vasser played by Kevin McKidd who one day jumps back in time.
Slightly influenced by Quantum Leap (easily the best time travel TV show ever) Journeyman was unfortunately cancelled by the American network with just 13 episodes made. 
What is nice about this show is that there are three main leads (four if you count Dan’s cop brother) and all of them are likeable which makes a nice pleasant change.  Dan also has a son who in the show see his Dad disappear which certainly makes for an interesting plot change.  Throwing in Dan’s ex as well who is also a time traveller and you have scope for all sorts of interesting things to happen.
What we have is 13 episodes of excellent television and some nice extras, so fair play to Medium Rare for picking up the licence for the show and blessing us with a really nice four disc package.  So please pop down to the shops or get online and treat yourself to a cracking show which shows once again good stuff gets canned and utter twaddle (Glee, endless cop shows) keep getting renewed.
  • Starring Kevin McKidd  Moon Bloodgood  Gretchen Egolf
  • Creator Kevin Falls
  • Distributor Medium Rare