The Inside


A couple of reviews ago, I had the pleasure of looking at The Bay, a found footage horror film from Barry Levinson.  Now I made it quite clear that ‘found footage’ films were beginning to get on my nerves and a majority of them were utter drivel.

The Inside is yet another ‘found footage’ epic and starts in quite a promising fashion.  A youg chap pawns a ring at a shady pawn shop in exchange for some cash and a camcorder.  Curious to what the camcorder has on it, he presses play….

A bunch of friends are out celebrating and they meet up with some guys and soon its time for the terror to begin.  Now is where things get interesting.  I, myself didn’t enjoy the film at all I’m afraid.  The shaky camerawork is so wild, it feels like you’re inside a tornado.  I actually turned it off for a few moments and made myself a drink to just get away from the relentless shaking and swooping. However, a friend of mine who was also watching enjoyed it a fair bit and recommends it to ‘Blair Witch/Found Footage Fiends’ (that’s his name, not mine!!)

The acting is actually pretty good for a very low budget movie and obviously shot on some kind of HD camera, the films looks good for what it is.  So there you have it, some will like it and some won’t.  Just like Bucks Fizz said it’s about making your mind up.

  • Starring Emmet J. Scanlan  Tereza Srbova
  • Director Eoin Macken
  • Distributor Monster Pictures