Maximum Conviction


Right then, Steven Seagal and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in a film together obviously kicking ass and killing people is something I became rather excited about when I first heard it was being made.  My love of all things Seagal has been called scary by some of my friends and seeing also I am a massive wrestling fan as well, having Steve Austin co-starring, how could the film fail?

Cross and Manning are two hard asses transporting two mysterious female convicts into a maximum security prison for high risk prisoners.  This prison is special as it technically doesn’t exist so if there is trouble it has to be handled internally.  The US Marshals then turn up wanting one of the females.  These guys aren’t happy when they are refused due to the wrong paperwork, so they kill a load of guards and take the warden hostage.

It’s now up for Austin and Seagal (and their team) to save the day.  This is Seagal’s first proper film for quite a while as here in the UK we get the ‘True Justice’ movies (i.e. two episodes spliced into a 90 minute film).  So it’s nice to see the big guy killing people and braking bones in a proper 18 certificate film.  Austin is Austin, therefore a wise cracking Texan who is just as good cracking a one liner as he is offing the bad guys.  The sad thing is that they’re not on screen together enough.  When they are, they look great so with the throwaway line at the end of the film let’s hope the money men get them back together soon.

Maximum Conviction is nice and violent, has lots of swearing and blood.  So for me it is a bit of a perfect night’s entertainment.

  • Starring Steven Seagal  Steve Austin  Michael Pare
  • Director Keoni Waxman
  • Distributor Studio Canal