Captain America / Captain America II: Death Too Soon

Before Chris Evans picked up the shield and even before Matt Salinger wore the stars ‘n’ stripes, Captain America appeared in two made for TV movies from Universal.

Steve Rogers is an ex marine who after leaving the service decides to travel the country, chill out and do some painting. Unfortunately for him, he is targetted by some shady goons who knows he is a friend of someone who is double crossing them. Anyway, at the same time Steve is approached by Dr. Simon Mills who was a friend of his late Father.  Simon tells him of the super steroid his Father developed to enhance human performance.  After a successful attempt by the shady types, Steve is almost killed and as a last result Simon injects him with the serum.

Steve immediately doesn’t become Captain America quite yet but is finally convinced when they build him a very cool bike and give him funky late 1970’s bike leathers in the styles of the stars and stripes.

In Death Too Soon, evil terrorist Miguel played by Christopher Lee has kidnapped a top scientist who has developed and anti aging drug.  Miguel twists the drug to make it a fast acting aging drug and threatens the USA.  Of course it’s up to Captain America to save the world.

The two films are simply quite charming as they are from an era (late 70’s/80’s) when action ruled the American airwaves.  The music is great and very 80’s action, which you would expect coming from Mike Post and Pete Carpenter.  These guys are the legends behind The A Team and Quantum Leap themes amongst others.

A bit dated, but a lot of fun.  What’s wrong with that?

  • Starring Reb Brown  Len Birman
  • Directors Rod Holcomb and Ivan Nagy
  • Distributor 101 Films