The 88 Films Grindhouse Collection


As well as their fantastic restorations of the Subspecies series and the Puppet Master saga, 88 Films have also dug deep into Charlie Band’s vaults to release some long forgotten ‘classics’ from the VHS and Betamax era.

Of course not all of the films are to everyones tastes but there is virtually something for everyone to enjoy in some shape or form.  The collection to date has the following titles….
Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (read review here)  
The Day Time Ended
Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity
Dr Alien
Seed People
Beach Babes From Beyond
You can probably guess from the titles what the films are about.  There are some little corkers in there, Seed People and Mandroid are Full Moon/Paramount titles and feature good production values.  I have always personally liked Seed People which I saw a long time ago on the old CIC videotape and love the artwork.  Mandroid is a good ‘un as well and plays out like a film which is crying for sequels, shame none happened (or not that I know of).  Creepozoids featuring Linnea Quigley has to be seen to be believed especially the ropey effects.  Slave Girls and Beach Babes are tarted up T&A but do have some redeeming qualities, well of course they would!!
All in all, check out some trailers below or go to the 88 Films website  and see if any of them ‘floats your boat’.
Seedpeople Trailer
Creepozoids Trailer

Slave Girls From Infinity Trailer