Here Comes the Boom


Scott Voss was once Teacher of the Year, but a few years on he is bored by his job.  He’s disliked by his Principal who keeps docking his holiday pay and will do anything to get out of any extra duties.  Whilst conning the extremely likeable music teacher to do extra work, he stumbles upon the school orchestra who are actually pretty good.  Shortly after at a teacher’s meeting, the Principal stops funding for the orchestra and Scott stands up and announces he will raise the money.

No one else apart from the school nurse is interested and Scott has to raise a lot of money.  One of his students in his American Citizen Night School classes asks for extra help, it turns out he used to be a cage fighter.  Scott then gets a crazy idea to fight in MMA to raise the money.

Here Comes The Boom is great fun, Kevin James in the lead of Scott is likeable and he is supported by the legendary Henry Winkler as Marty the music teacher who shows a fantastic flair for comedy. Plus also Dutch MMA fighter Bas Rutten who is simply hysterical during his day job running spinning classes and aerobics.

Utlising the UFC for the finale, the film has some first class fight scenes and yes, a lot of the humour is ‘fat man getting punched in the face’ but the film has a good heart and is nice easy viewing.  NIce pleasant viewing.

  • Starring Kevin James  Henry Winkler  Salma Hayek
  • Director Frank Coraci
  • Distributor Sony