Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan


Anyone who is a fan of fantasy cinema, whether young or old should know who Ray Harryhausen is.  Either you were brought up seeing his films on TV (sadly not shown enough now) or experienced them as they were meant to be seen at the cinema.  Ray’s films has influenced film makers such as Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and James Cameron.

For those unfamilar with Ray, he is the chap who brought to life the creatures in the original Clash of the Titans and various Sinbad pictures amongst many others.  He was a pioneer in stop motion animation and a lot of his creations still stand up today.  This documentary made over a number of years charts his early beginnings and takes us on a journey throughout his career.

Various film makers are interviewed and all have praise for the man himself.  Ray is extensively interviewed and comes across a very nice chap, who really enjoyed his work.

It’s a cracking documenatry and there are loads of extras on the two disc DVD set including trailers and extended interviews.  Very good stuff indeed.

  • Director Gillies Penso
  • Distributor Arrow