The King of the Vampires (Phantasm’s Angus Scrimm in possibly the best wig in any horror film ever) had two sons, Stefan and Radu.  Stefan and the King have learned to live in harmony with mankind, however Radu is a twisted bastard who yearns power. Before the credits have even rolled, the King is dead and Radu takes over with a little help from his David Allen created stop motion minions.

Three friends have come to Transylvania to study the legend that is vampirism.  Staying in a castle (which is familar to all fans of Full Moon product, Jack Deth fought in the courtyard in Trancers 4 and 5) they venture over to a deserted ruined castle nearby and Radu takes a fancy to them.  Stefan the good vampire steps in and it’s soon a battle to the death.

I can remember watching this one on the old Entertainment in Video release back in about 1991.  I really liked it then and now twenty odd years later, it is still a damn good entertaining yarn.  Filming in Eastern Europe was very unusual at the time and the film (and it’s sequels literally drip in atmosphere).  Radu played by Anders Hove is actually one of my favourite on screen vampires.  Buffy’s first nemesis in season one, The Master certainly borrowed his look.

Nicely presented on blu-ray with lots of Full Moon goodies, you really can’t not let this one go by.

  • Starring Anders Hove  Angus Scrimm  Michael Watson  Laura Tate
  • Director Ted Nicolau
  • Distributor 88 Films