Bloodstone – Subspecies II


Carrying on immediately after the climax of part one, Michelle (now played by Denise Duff) escapes from Radu’s castle.  Radu being the complete legend that he is manages to get his little minions to put his head back on, remove the stake in his heart and the twisted old bastard is back to life.

Michelle makes her way to the local town and is now in the process of turning into a fully fledged vampire.  Radu is in hot pursuit, stalking the streets in a very unnerving and menacing way.  Michelle manages to contact her sister who will eventually turn up later in the film.

Radu in this film looks slightly different than part one (different effect guys) but is still totally superb and the way he walks with his long fingernails is one of my favourite bits of the whole film series.  As with part one, there the films betrays it’s low budget nature with great production values and lots of atmosphere.  The awesome music score returns and director Ted Nicolau is firing now on all cylinders.

The restoration by 88 Films and Full Moon is good and once again there are some tasty extras.  Roll on part 3 next month.  Let’s also hope we see the spin off (Vampire Journals with Bread’s Jonathon Morris) and part 4 – Bloodstorm.  As with part one, an essential purchase.

  • Starring Anders Hove  Denise Duff  Melanie Shatner
  • Director Ted Nicolau
  • Distributor 88 Films