The Bay


The ‘Found Footage’ genre is certainly beginning to get on my nerves.  Any half assed twit with a camcorder and a few friends can now go out and make a ‘movie’.  It’s a miracle half of these films ever see the light of day and if they are are the ‘best’, God only knows what the rest are like?

However, with ‘The Bay’ we have an award winning director on board (Barry Levinson) so I had high hopes for this film and thankfully I wasn’t let down.

A peaceful community in Maryland becomes Ground Zero for what seems as some form of virus outbreak.  People start to die with their insides literally being eaten from within.  The films starts with webcam footage of a college student who witnessed the events and has cobbled together various footage obtained via dubious sources as the government has seized all electronic media from the town that day.  We get footage from all kinds of areas such as news casts, police cars and camera phones.

Although the film has it’s fair share of shaky footage, all of it has been edited like a documentary which works extremely well.  There are plenty of tense, gross and jumpy moments.  The synth score added in at various moments is great with a sinister ‘dum dum dum’ underscoring certain moments in the film.

I found it a very enjoyable experience and perhaps there is still some mileage left in this genre or perhaps not?  Definately one to watch though.

  • Starring Will Rogers  Kriten Connelly  Christopher Denham
  • Director Barry Levinson
  • Distributor Momentum / Entertainment One