H.P Lovecraft’s From Beyond


When an invention goes haywire and kills it’s creator Dr Pretorious, all is left in the aftermath is his assistant Crawford Tillinghast.  Taken to hospital and evaluated by doctors, he eventually makes his way back to the scene of the experiments with a cop and shrink in tow.  You see, Dr. Pretorious’ invention stimulates the mind to see past our existence and once it gets going, all kinds of crazy stuff start.

From Beyond may be well over twenty years old, but the incredible make up effects still stand up today.  The performances from all the leads (Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree and Ted Sorel) are played dead straight.  Sorel playing Pretorious is a delight as he chomps on the scenery (mostly in gooey make up) and makes Pretorious a nasty old perv.

The MPAA in the States butchered the film back in 1986 and director Stuart Gordon thought all the cuts had been lost in the depths of time.  By some miracle they turned up in an old reel tin and have been restored and put back into the film.  So now we can see the film as it should have been seen all those years ago.

From Beyond is a classic, no doubt about it and the Blu-ray presentation from Second Sight is excellent.  Throw in some nice extras and you have an essential purchase.

  • Starring Jeffrey Combs  Barbara Crampton  Ken Foree
  • Director Stuart Gordon
  • Distributor Second Sight