Ellison Oswalt is a true crime writer in desperate need of a best seller.  He moves his family to the location of a mass murder where all the family bar one were hanged in their garden.  Whilst unpacking he stumbles upon a box of 8MM films in the attic complete with projector.  He decides to view the films and one by one they reveal a series of murders in various houses across America.

Aided by a Deputy Sheriff (who’s a fan) he discovers a link between the slayings and further more contacts an occult expert who reveals to him it appears the murders are some form of sacrifice to a long forgotten god.

Sinister is without doubt the creepiest film I have seen in years.  The atmosphere generated by Scott Derrickson is second to none and the lead performance from Ethan Hawke as Ellison is nothing short of outstanding.  This film really ‘did my head in’ and I found it a most unsettling and enjoyable experience.  It’s easily the best (creepy) horror I have seen in a very long time and if you watch it with a full surround set up, the effects will literally freak you out.

Superb stuff and well worth the time of everyone to watch, it’s that BLOODY good!!  In fact I hold it to such high esteem, it now sits proudly next to the original Amityville Horror on my shelf.

  • Starring Ethan Hawke  Juliet Rylance  James Ransome
  • Director Scott Derrickson
  • Distributor Momentum Pictures