Death Race 3: Inferno


After the events of Death Race 2, Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) has his face reconstructed and is tossed back into the Death Race circuit after the television rights of the races are bought by billionaire Niles York.  York moves the race to South Africa and away from the maximum security prison from the first two films.

Lucas gets reunited with his pit crew and co-driver Katrina and they enter another three day event where they race against all kinds of convicts with such names as Joker and Razor.  What is nice about the film is that the entire main cast returns from Part Two and Dougray Scott makes a nice nasty villain.

With the new setting of the South African deserts and townships, the races have a pleasant fresh look and with larger cars this time around, the carnage is bigger than ever and there are some real nasty deaths thrown in as well.  Your surrounds will get a nice workout as well, as the soundtrack is very loud. 

Luke Goss makes a great hero and Tanit Phoenix playing his co-driver Katrina is a very attractive diversion from all the explosions and blood ‘n’ guts.  Of course I haven’t mentioned the legend that is Danny Trejo, as there is no need the guy just needs to turn up and he’s awesome in whatever film he’s in.

Violent and big cars blowing up, surely I can’t give it a better recommendation.

  • Starring Luke Goss  Ving Rhames  Danny Trejo  Fred Koehler
  • Director Roel Reine
  • Distributor Universal