The Lodge


Michael and Julia are a couple of college sweethearts who book a remote lodge in the mountains for a quiet weekend away.  When they arrive it is deserted, but with signs that the previous occupants left in a hurry.

Henry, the lodge manager then turns up.  Henry seems an alright kind of guy but when he collects their luggage from the car and smells Julia’s knickers and steals them, you know he is obviously a bit creepy and deranged.  For about 30 minutes or so, not a lot happens in the film, it sets up the characters and does seem to drag a bit.  However once Julia sees a girl in the shadows, things start to get moving.

The couple are tied up and subjected to all kinds of humiliation and I’ll leave it at that.  Some of the violence is nasty and considering the film is in all one location, there is some good atmosphere generated.  There are some good performances in particular from Kevin McClatchy as Henry and Elizabeth Kell as Julia although she can be a bit annoying with her blubbering.

It’s not at all original, but if “psycho’s in remote locations” films float your boat you’re enjoy it.  I thought it wasn’t bad, I’ve seen better but all in all it is a well made little film.

  • Starring Kevin McClatchy  Elizabeth Kell  Owen Szabo
  • Directors Brad Helmink and John Rauschelbach
  • Distributor 101 Films