On a small island off the coast of Ireland, things are going to change when an alien life form lands in it’s coastal waters.  Such is the beginning of this ambitious and brilliantly executed horror/comedy/sci-fi from director Jon Wright.

Alcoholic copper O’Shea is called to the local beach when whales get washed up dead, as well as this he has to contend with a mainland replacement for his sergeant who is on leave.  One by one, locals begin to get picked off by the creatures and aided by the town drunk and a marine scientist, the islanders have to fight back with unusual means.

Grabbers is entertainment with a capital E, we have great monsters especially the baby ones, good characterisation especially the lead Richard Coyle who I think is a terrific actor and a witty script.  Some individuals have called it an Irish Tremors, I think the comparisons are a little unfair sure there are some similarities but Grabbers can stand up on its own and be proud of itself. 

If you like creature pictures, you can’t really go wrong and I do hope at some point we see the return of those pesky grabbers.

  • Starring Richard Coyle  Russell Tovey  Ruth Bradley
  • Director Jon Wright
  • Distributor Sony