Midnight Son

Jacob is a young man who works security at nights in a large office building.  He is lonely, awkward and shy.  His doctor thinks he has some kind of anaemia but Jacob thinks otherwise.  Jacob has a thirst for blood, any kind of blood and he gets it in droves from the local butchers.

One evening he meets Mary and they enter into a relationship which is never quite what it seems.  One minute they are close, the next minute they are as distant as distant can be.  The central story with both of these characters is well constructed and performed beautifully.  Jacob’s story continues with murder, dealings with the LAPD and an encounter which leads to tragedy with a shady hospital doctor.

Obviously with a young man’s thirst for blood and with some vampire leanings woven into the story, the comparisons to George Romero’s Martin would be obvious.  However, Midnight Son can proudly stand on its own as it a very well written and well acted little picture.   It has a couple of excellent leads and it is played completely straight with no humour whatsoever.  One could say that is a little depressing and downbeat but I think it works bloody well and the ending is terrific.
  • Starring Zak Kilberg  Jo D. Jonz  Maya Parish
  • Director Scott Beberecht
  • Distributor Monster Pictures