Dear God No!


In a homage to 1970’s biker flicks and exploitation movies, director James Bickert has crafted a film like no other in recent memory.  Although you could saddle the film alongside the modern day Grindhouse films such as Hobo with a Shotgun and Machete, this picture is really rough in style and content.

“The Impalers” are a biker gang who are so nasty even their fellow bikers hate them.  You know they are definitely horrible individuals when we first meet them where they have obviously raped and murdered a bunch of nuns travelling on a convent bus.

After a run-in at the local strip club, they stumble upon a forest hideaway of a scientist and his daughter.  The scientist is up to something as he soon greets a couple of under graduates to most probably assist with his work.

What happens next is completely barmy as we have mad medical experiments, gratuitous nudity, violence and Bigfoot!!!  The film has something to offend everyone, even if you have a strong stomach for violence one particular scene is plain nasty and horrible.  I can virtually watch anything and this bit make me squirm and look away for a second or two.  I was shocked the film makers had the balls to film it, let alone put it in the film, so in some sort of twisted way I must commend them.  Amongst all the carnage there are some funny moments usually from the situations in the film, whether these are intentional are not I don’t know, but it does work.

Apart from that the film is packed with without a doubt the largest collection of topless shots in a film outside the ‘adult’ world and with all the violence, this isn’t a film for everyone.  If you like low rent 70’s style films or even the real stuff from that bygone era, pick this up, otherwise stay well clear.    Even though that one bit did sicken me, I enjoyed it especially the kick ass soundtrack.

  • Starring Jett Bryant  Madeline Brumby  Paul McComiskey
  • Director James Bickert
  • Distributor Monster Pictures