Three friends are on a night out, all is going well for two of them – one of them has just gotten engaged and the other one has managed to pull a very attractive lady where no time is taken getting down for some loving.  The next morning they spot their neighbour leaving in a hurry to meet his wife and oh yes, all the power has gone down.

It soon materialises that we have a visitor, being of the kind from another world.  Everyone is in a panic, the locals are raiding the Co-op and mugging people for their goods.  Desperate to reach safety the three friends and the girls try to escape to a friend in the country.

UFO is a nice little film which for a low budget doesn’t scrimp on its ambitions.  The CGI has some nice spaceship effects and a few aerial dog fights thrown in for good measure.  The acting is well above average with some familiar faces in the cast (Sean Brosnan is a dead ringer for his old man, Pierce) and somehow director Dominic Burns has got the immortal Jean-Claude Van Damme in for an extended cameo, probably helps when you cast his daughter (Bianca Bree) in a main role.  JCVD plays an old army mentor (some of the main characters are ex-soldier types) and has a great fight scene. 

What is most impressive about the film is that director Burns takes the time to set up the alien attack and introduce the characters which these days is quite a rarity.  It’s not perfect but like his previous movie “Airborne” (see review here) it’s all good fun and pretty violent as well.  Thumbs up also for the blatant plugs for Airborne throughout the film on various posters.  There’s also a poster seen once or twice for a terrific horror film called “The Scar Crow” which is one film I enjoyed immensely.

Good brainless entertainment, arm yourself with a beer and some crisps.  Put the disc into your player, turn up the volume (it has a very loud soundtrack) and enjoy.

  • Starring Sean Brosnan  Bianca Bree  Simon Phillips  Jazz Lintott
  • Director Dominic Burns
  • Distributor Revolver