Total Recall (2012)


Douglas Quaid is bored with his job making police robots and dreams of a better life.  He sees an advertisement for ‘Rekall’ who implant fake memories into your brain.  It all sounds rather familiar doesn’t it?  You would be right, this is a remake or the latest buzz word of ‘reimagining’ of the classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and based on Philip Dick’s original story.

Director Len Wiseman is one brave man.  Not only has he the guts to tackle the film but cast someone in Arnie’s iconic role a million miles away from the Terminator – Colin Farrell.  The basic story is the same but instead of Mars we have the film set in a future Britain with a long elevator drop through the Earth to ‘The Colony’ which is the new name now for Australia.  It seems rather stupid but it does work in the context of the film as apart from some character names and a couple of bits ‘n’ bobs the film is a long way away from Paul Verhoeven’s vision.

I do recommend it, if you buy it, get it on blu-ray as obviously the picture and sound is better, but you get an extended cut as well.  Once again DVD owners are slightly short changed, but if you love the movies there isn’t now an excuse not to ‘Go Blu’ as players now are only a bit more if not the same price as DVD players now.

The production and effects are really rather good, but it’s being clearly influenced by I, Robot, Stallone’s Judge Dredd, bullet time shoot outs and other films of the sci-fi genre.  To enjoy the film and believe me it is an enjoyable piece of cinema, just forget the original otherwise you will hate it.

Just a shame there’s no Johnny Cab but at least the 3 breasted hooker turns up!

  • Starring Colin Farrell  Jessica Biel  Kate Beckinsale  Bill Nighy
  • Director Len Wiseman
  • Distributor Sony