The Night Child aka The Cursed Medallion

Michael Williams is a BBC film-maker who travels to Italy to make a programme regarding the devil and religious artwork.  He goes with his daughter and her Nanny and soon befriends his American assistant and the Local Countess who happens to be an expert in the occult and a medium.
His daughter Emily straight away unnerves you with her scary looks and even more frightening ginger pony tails. You see young Emily is slightly disturbed due to the death of her Mother and has extremely weird visions featuring ugly villager types who look like extras from ‘Mark of the Devil’.  The Countess warns Michael to leave Italy as things start getting very strange, everything seems to point to a sinister painting, Michael is fascinated by.
The Night Child is a typical 1970’s Italian movie, i.e. imported stars and local actors being directed by a seasoned old pro namely this time Massimo Dallamano who worked with Sergio Leone.  It’s not that original but it is reasonably well written and it is a beautifully shot (Dallamano was a cinematographer) picture.  The music in the film composed by Stelvio Cipriani is frankly excellent, sounding like one of my Dad’s old easy listening ‘Studio 2 Stereo’ albums.  In fact I loved this music so much I’ve ordered the soundtrack on ebay, hopefully it will be here soon.
It’s certainly a product of it’s time, it also takes a while to get going but stick with it and you will hopefully quite enjoy it.  I did.
  • Starring Richard Johnson  Joanna Cassidy  Nicoletta Elmi
  • Director Massimo Dalamano
  • Distributor Arrow Video