Cockneys Vs. Zombies


When two workman find a sealed crypt whilst doing some demolition, they stupidly decide to have a look.  Inside they find what is possibly an old plague pit sealed up during the reign of Charles II.

Not too far away, two brothers, their cousin, a mate and the local psycho are going to rob a bank so their Grandad’s old people’s home doesn’t get shut down.  Unfortunately, London gets over run by zombies and people have to fight back or be bitten (we all knows what happens then, don’t we?)  The robbers after escaping the bank, decide to head over to the old people’s home where the OAP’s are fightng back against the undead onslaught.

The zombies in this picture are ‘Romero Zombies’ which means they shuffle around and can be easily out ran.  This is used countless times during the film as jokes and in a priceless scene featuring Richard Briers, the zombies are out paced by an old boy with a zimmer.

The cast assembled for the film is great, we have a bunch of young actors which include Michelle Ryan and an incredible OAP cast led by Alan Ford and featuring Honor Blackman, Tony Selby and Dudley Sutton.  The script is full of bad language, but all of it is in a ‘fun’ sense with some hysterical one liners. There’s plenty of gore on display and some of the zombies get some great deaths.  For what is a low budget production you would never think so with some terrific production design especially with London in chaos due to the outbreak.

It is technically a horror film, but more of a comedy really and one of the funniest I have seen in a very long time.  It is quite simply an outstandingly great film and a damn shame it never got a decent cinema release considering some of the crap that gets released these days.

  • Starring Harry Treadaway  Michelle Ryan  Alan Ford  Rasmus Hardiker
  • Director Mathias Hoene
  • Distributor Studio Canal