Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge


For the third film in the Puppet Master saga, we go back to Berlin during WWII where the Nazis want Andre Toulon’s secret life giving potion so they can resurrect dead soldiers from the battlefield.  As we all know Toulon’s wife is murdered which seriously upsets him as you would expect and he plots his revenge (with his puppet friends) against the evil Nazis led by veteran bad guy Richard Lynch.

This time around we are introduced to ‘Six Shooter’ the cowboy puppet and we also find out how ‘Leech Woman’ was created.  As per the previous two instalments, the puppet effects are terrific and are plentiful this time around.  Also, what I liked as well was the communication of the puppets with little ums and aahs which gives them all a little personality.

Filmed at Universal Studios in Hollywood and as a ‘period’ film, the production values are quite astonishing for a low budget film.  The acting on a whole is good, it has a nice script by the writer of my favourite Trancers sequel, C. Courtney Joyner and the remastering seems even better than parts one and two.

Totally recommended, its one of my all time favourites from the Full Moon stable and lets hope we see the Jeff Burr directed Parts 4 and 5 very soon.

  • Starring Guy Rolfe  Richard Lynch  Sarah Douglas  
  • Director David DeCoteau
  • Distributor 88 Films