Three girls on a country road, two guys spot them and stop to help.  Boy, will they regret it as these girls are seriously deranged and have no issues killing the poor chaps.  The girls then decide to shack up at a friend’s ramshackle house on a small town beach.  They are greeted by the old boy next door who warns them they shouldn’t go in the ocean.

Let’s cut straight to the chase, Monstro is a really strange, if rather odd film.  The first part of the film is like some kind of retro drive in flick with a bit of Natural Born Killers thrown in.  As the film progresses, you have some kind of idea where its going and when it does, things really kick off.

There’s plenty of blood on display, the three central characters are really quite scary (well they scared me) and the old fart in the wheelchair is totally brilliant.  He is utterly convincing and takes the proceedings all very seriously.  The finale is one of the best over the top endings I seen in quite a while, in fact it appears to be a little influenced by Evil Dead II which is no bad thing.

Weird, trippy and completely different.  Some will completely hate it, others may like it, opinions will be divided but that is a good thing.  Personally I thought it was barking mad and quite a pleasant Sunday afternoon’s viewing whilst relaxing on the sofa with a nice cup of tea.

  • Starring Norman Yemm  Kyrie Capri  Nelli Scarlet  Karli Madden  Kate Watts
  • Director Stuart Simpson
  • Distributor Monster Pictures