The Maze


One of the first rules of going for a drive in your car is don’t stop at deserted corn fields, haven’t these people seen the Children of the Corn movies.  Obviously not as a bunch of friends decide to play a game of ‘tag’ in a corn maze right out in the middle of ‘the sticks’. Seeing this a horror film, there is an unpleasant individual lurking in the shadows armed with his knife just waiting for visitors.

When I first saw the killer in his red hoodie, I thought to myself what a waste of time, no one has really designed anything cool for this guy to wear when he goes about his murdering.  However, this killer seriously shifts around the maze stalking his prey and isn’t indestructable which makes a pleasant change.

The film is quite a nice diversion from usual slasher pictures as it’s fairly bloodless and relies on some good old fashioned suspense to move the story along, whilst not entirely always successful, I must commend the film makers for trying something different.   Halfway through the movie though, it moves into a completely different area which comes as a quite a nice surprise and although slightly predictable, there’s a nice pay off at the end.

It’s all very well made and the main killer when revealed is very creepy, the slaughtered teens aren’t too bad and aren’t really that annoying so its a bit of a shame when they get done in.

Well worth checking out and a big thumbs up for the old school Friday the 13th’esque music.

  • Starring Shalaina Castle  Tye Nelson  Luke Drake  Brandon Sean Pearson
  • Director Steve Shimek
  • Distributor 101 Films