Way back in 1992 for Halloween the BBC broadcasted a spoof documentary show featuring a haunted house and supernatural goings-on hosted by Michael Parkinson.  Set in a BBC studio and a normal house on a normal street complete with phone in’s and experts offering their opinons, the show fooled plenty of people who thought it was real.

To be fair, if you thought it was real you really are quite sad as it’s obvious the Beeb wouldn’t put their biggest stars at the time (Parkinson, Mike Smith and Sarah Greene) in any kind of danger.  It was however put together incredibly well and the main three presenters are well supported by Craig Charles who is now more well known for Coronation Street than Red Dwarf.

The main haunting centres around a spirit named ‘Mr Pipes’ and although a spoof, it’s played mainly straight and is still pretty suspenseful stuff but I can just imagine Michael Parkinson wanting to laugh as he knows its all not real.  It’s all very quaint and British and would possibly be lost on anyone under 30 due to it being twenty years old.  I liked watching it again and it was nice to see Parky doing something else apart from giving away free pens and flogging life insurance.  Great alternative Halloween viewing if you don’t fancy the usual blood ‘n’ guts.

  • Starring Michael Parkinson  Sarah Greene  Craig Charles  Mike Smith
  • Director Lesley Manning
  • Distributor 101 Films