Ultimate Zombie Feast


Now this is a something to get your teeth into, a compilation of international zombie films put together by the lovely people at Monster Pictures.  The films come from the UK, USA, Holland and India amongst others.  Some are deadly serious, some are action based and others are funny.  So to be fair there is something for almost everyone.

My personal favourites from the set is ‘Not Even Death, a moving five minute epic about a man with his wife chained up hoping she will be cured.  The make up on the wife is most unnerving and it has a cracking ending which I won’t reveal.  There is also a clever animated short on disc 2 called ‘It Came from the West’ and one which will certainly offend a certain religious group, ‘ The Book of Zombie’ where the living dead are Mormons!!

For gorehounds there’s plenty of blood on display and unfortunately at times some of the thespian skills on show are a bit lacking. However, there is so much imagination being used here by loads of different people, I personally couldn’t care less. Lots of films made by individuals who love the genre is the name of the game here.

Nicely presented on the menu screen where you can watch them altogther or seperately, it really is the ‘NOW That’s What I Call Music’ of Zombie compilations.  Something different and one to support, so pop down the shops or get on the Internet and order yourself a copy of the ‘Ultimate Zombie Feast’.

  • Distributor Monster Pictures