Puppet Master II


Andre Toulon’s puppets want their Master alive, so using Toulon’s special life giving fluid, they resurrect him.  At the same time Paranormal Investigators move into the hotel from the first movie to see  why the original cast all died and the surviving one is in the looney bin.

Soon the puppets go on the rampage killing a couple of the investigators, a couple of hillbillies and a young kid so Toulon can continue to make his special stuff to bring life to the puppets.  As with the first movie, Puppet Master II sports top notch stop motion effects from David Allen and we have a new puppet this time around called Torch with a nice little flame thrower for an arm.  Toulon himself, sports a bandaged face and dark goggles and is quite an unnerving pleasance especially with the scary German accent. Also, if you are a fan of the American Ninja films, one of the puppet’s victims played Captain Wild Bill in Part 2 – The Confrontation. In that film he had the priceless line “He’s gets on my tits” when referring to the local Police Inspector.

Its been a long time time since I have seen this picture and apart from the fashion crimes of 1990, I really enjoyed seeing it again. The acting on a whole is pretty good, the puppet effects like I said above are good, there’s blood, a bit of nudity (if that’s your thing) and overall the picture is well put together and hasn’t really aged.

If you liked the first one, you will love this one and if you haven’t seen the first Puppet Master treat yourself to the first three in the series now all available in funky remastered editions.

  • Starring Elizabeth Maclellan  Collin Bernsen  Steve Welles  Jeff Weston
  • Director David Allen
  • Distributor 88 Films