The Wild Geese


Let’s face it, they don’t make them like they used to.  The Wild Geese is the story of a bunch of veteran mercenaries paid by a shady banker to rescue an imprisoned African leader.  Led by Col. Faulkner (Richard Burton) who recruits his friends Richard Harris and Roger Moore amongst others for the mission.  First of course they all have to go through ‘training’ with a crusty old Sgt. Major then they’re off on their mission.

You know you are on to a winner as soon as the title sequence begins with the Bond’esque titles from Maurine Binder, a great Joan Armstrading title song and when you see members of the Bond Production team like John Glen in the credits only good things will come your way.  Also thrown in is a great score from Roy ‘Get Carter’ Budd.

The Wild Geese is a product of its time, an all star (aging) cast killing the bad guys, plenty of explosions and some ‘salty’ dialogue.  In fact you could say its one of the ultimate ‘blokes movie’ along with such classics as Escape to Victory (where’s the blu-ray of that, Warners?)

An old school classic brilliantly presented on Arrow’s new blu-ray release.  Oh yes before I forget as an ‘extra’ there is an Italian action picture ‘Codename: Wild Geese’ with a cast to die for – Lewis Collins, Ernest Borgnine and the always scary Klaus Kinski.  It isn’t great but is it watchable.

An essential purchase, I haven’t said too much about Roger Moore because he as far as I am concerned,  he is completely untouchable in anything he does and he is the best James Bond, so no one even think about arguing with me, alright?

  • Starring Richard Burton  Hardy Kruger  Roger Moore  Richard Harris  Barry Foster
  • Director Andrew V. McLaglen
  • Distributor Arrow Video