Mutant Hunt


The future, evil scientist ‘Z’ has tampered with the latest line of cyborgs turning them into killing machines.  One of the cyborg’s designer’s sister escapes from the clutches of Z and heads to hard ass mercenary Riker for help.  It isn’t long before the cyborgs track her down to Riker’s apartment and a fight breaks out.  Killing the cyborg, they venture out into the city for help. Recruiting a stripper and Riker’s buddy Felix.  The search is on to rescue the kidnapped doctor and kill Z.

Mutant Hunt is easily the worst film I have ever seen and believe me I have seen some utter stinkers.  It is poorly directed, acted, edited, scored and the fight scenes are so boring I almost fell asleep.  You can tell who the cyborgs are as they wear ‘Terminator’ shades and walk like they have had an accident in their trousers.  They throw punches like utter amateurs (and they are supposed to be killing machines) and the actors who play them should be tried for crimes against cinema.

The film does have some redeeming qualities, the puppet effects of a melted cyborg look actually very good in a low budget 80’s way and although very bad, the cheesy music score grows on you as it was obviously produced very much on the cheap by someone probably learning a synth for the first time.

No matter how appalling the film is and believe me it is an utter travesty of a movie, I find myself recommending you to search it out to see how dreadful it is.

  • Starring Rick Giansi  Mary Fahey  Ron Reynaldi
  • Director Tim Kincaid
  • Distributor Full Moon Features