When a small town runs an 80’s music festival, it awakens the legendary ‘Bigfoot’ who is not at all happy that his forest is being chopped down for some cheesy old festival.

The festival is being ran by the town radio DJ who is determined this is his chance of finally making something of himself. However, his old rival is a wildlife activist and is determined to stop the festival, even more so when Bigfoot kills some construction workers.  As the creature rampages through the town and surrounding forest, the local Police and the National Guard try to track him down to save the day.

Bigfoot is pure dumb fun and possibly The Asylum’s best film in a long time.  I even rate it more highly than the recent Two Headed Shark Attack in which I have a lot of time for.  Bigfoot is actually quite a cool creature and is executed through good old CGI.  Some of it good, some bad but Bigfoot is so silly to look at especially when he loses some fur, you can’t help but love the big guy.  He is a blood thirsty chap and loves biting heads of and stamping on people whilst running around.

The film rips off parts of Jurassic Park and the endings of the various King Kong’s but with a great cast and a cameo from Alice Cooper (completely taking the piss) it’s possibly the most enjoyable piece of rubbish I have seen in a long time.

  • Starring Barry Williams  Danny Bonaduce  Sherilyn Fenn  
  • Director Bruce Davison
  • Distributor The Asylum