The Hot Potato


It’s 1969 and local engineering works owner Kenny and his ‘Jack the Lad’ pal Danny stumble across a rather valuable piece of goods from a ruined MOD factory.  Stored in a lead-lined box is a lump of uranium which Danny reckons looks like ‘a potato on legs’.  Deciding to sell it to make a few quid, Kenny goes to Harry the local boxing club owner who introduces them to local hard men ‘The Twins’ both played by John Lynch.

The twins set them up with a German named Fritz played with a fantastic comedy accent by veteran actor Derren Nesbitt, who is responsible for finding them a buyer.  Nesbitt who has had a long career in TV and film to me will always be ‘Sid Sabbath’ in Dick Emery’s ‘Oooh You Are Awful’ is the real standout in a first rate cast led by Ray Winstone and Jack Huston. Travelling across Europe, Kenny and Danny along with his girlfriend Carole meet with various dodgy types in an attempt to offload the potato.

The Hot Potato is an old fashioned comedy caper picture, in fact if you didn’t know it was a modern movie you would swear it was made in the 60’s.  The attention to detail is excellent with the clothes, cars and in particular the musical score completely spot on.

Well worth anyone’s time, seek it out it’s a little gem.

  • Starring Ray Winstone  Jack Huston  Colm Meaney  Derren Nesbitt  Lois Winstone
  • Director Tim Lewiston
  • Distributor Cine Britannia / Showbox